Rosie’s 12 Days of Blogmas!

It’s happening.

So folks! Welcome to my 12 Days of Blogmas, or as I like to call it, Flagons of Blogmas! You may remember last year, I attempted the full 24 days of consecutive festive blogging, and failed in the last dark days, due to some personal issues I was having. In an effort to be more compassionate towards myself, this year I have consciously halved the endeavour to give myself a bit more time between each upload. I love writing & blogging in general, but forcing myself to produce daily content really meant burning the Advent candle at both ends, and is that what Jesus/Santa/Thor would want, I don’t think so.

Let’s see how this goes – most likely it will be 12 random days of festivities, between now and Christmas Day. I’m pretty excited! Have I planned each blog? Nope. Do I care? Nope.


Blogmas Day 1 – Ethical Christmas Gift Guide!

I’m going to avoid getting into the bare bones of what ‘ethical’ means, but basically this is a standard Christmas gift guide with a little twist: Each gift involves a donation to a charitable cause, or Earth-friendly notion. I’ve just finished my Christmas shopping, and by no means does each gift give to charity – I’ve delved into Amazon and supermarket fayre like it’s nobody’s business – but I have tried to sprinkle little stocking fillers and cards and whatnot amongst the other items. I feel as though if we all tried this every year, we could feel a tiny bit warmer in our cold consumer hearts in knowing that the gifts we give also reach out to a wider circle of recipients, those who need the help. I hope you can find some inspiration amongst these picks. ENJOY!

1. Something Recycled

Bottle Cap Coca Cola Decoration – ETSY

Handmade Rustic Wooden Coasters – ETSY

Recycled Sari Rug – OXFAM


2. Something Cosy

All of these adorable jumpers have something in common. They are all available to buy from Oxfam, for a bloody good cause. The Fallout one even has its tags still! Have a root around the website for a perfect cosy gift for someone this Christmas.

Festive Knitwear – OXFAM

3. Something Fairtrade

Handmade Tree of Life Trivet – TRAIDCRAFT

Milk Chocolate with Spiced Cookies – ETHICAL SUPERSTORE

4. Something Decorative

Remember a Loved One Bauble – CANCER RESEARCH

Snowmen in a Box – FRIENDS OF THE EARTH


5. Something to Fill the Old Stocking

Snowball Candle – GUIDE DOGS

Robin Hottie Pack – CANCER RESEARCH

Reindeer Headband – ALZHEIMER’S SOCIETY

6. Something Unwrapped


Oxfam Unwrapped Charity Gifts

Just a little more on this one. Oxfam offer an incredible range of ‘Unwrapped’ gifts for those in need, in the UK and around the world. From mosquito nets to safe water supplies, child education to sheltering a refugee. If you have £5+ to spare please consider a little donation to a fantastic cause. They also have a deal on at the moment (until the 6th December I think), in which a purchase of an Unwrapped gift gives you 50% off ‘Little Extras’, such as chocolate coins, mulled wine kits and all sorts of cute stocking fillers. I’ll leave links to other charity sites that offer these kinds of donation gifts.

CentrePoint – Buy a Christmas Dinner for a Young Person

Unicef Christmas Gifts

I realise that things can be tight at this time of year and you may not be able to afford giving extra gifts out. One final idea, which is a tad preachy but absolutely free… in fact you may even gain a cup of tea and a chocolate Penguin out of it…is giving blood! The ultimate gift really, as it is replenished pretty quickly, and it gives you the excuse to have a jolly good meal afterwards!

Give Blood

So there we have it folks, I hope some of this may have inspired you to treat someone in need this Christmas. Of course this is a tiny portion of the charitable giving arena at Christmastime, you could also offer your time at a homeless shelter, donate blankets or food to collections at supermarkets, help somebody sweep snow off their drive, etc! I apologise for the general pious vibe of this blog but as I say, this by no means reflects the entirety of my shopping for this year. I have made a little effort though! That’s something we can all do, surely?

Until the next day of Blogmas!