Strictly Halloween Special 2016 – My Favourite Looks

Now if anyone has ever been witness to one of my darkest fangirl moments, you’ll probably recognise the slightly unhinged glint in my eye whenever Strictly is mentioned. I am absolutely obsessed, and it is a love that is deep-rooted and unashamed – even though I cannot justify it. Strictly is just silly, and most of the time that is exactly what I need. My wonderfully articulate friend Rachel once coined the term “Strictly-sexual” (adj.) which describes people like ourselves, who are attracted to pretty much all of the professional dancers, regardless of their gender. Their sex is irrelevant, their fabulousness is ALL THAT IS RELEVANT. Certain exclusions for personal preferences apply. So back to the topic at hand, Halloween Week is always one of my absolute favourite episodes, due to obvious reasons of maximum campness (see below).


I mean look at it, this is just everything I want in life. Even the unbearable insincerity and teeth-grinding smile of Tess cannot make my love falter. So I thought in tribute, I would list my 3 Favourite Looks of the spooky special. I refuse to use the word “Spooktacular”. May it rest in the bowels of Hell before it is dredged up again next year.

Look One – Aljaz & Daisy’s Paso Doble


After Daisy’s horror of being in the bottom two couples last week, she definitely deserved the subsequent week to be one when she at least looked amazing, and fierce. (Whether her paso channelled that or not, I will brush upon shortly. Though I think not.) Aljaz looked wonderful too, though I am literally always going to say that, so I apologise before my repetition becomes unbearable. There was a lot about the dance which worked for me, the Day of the Dead concept, the music, the choreography, most of the spirit and intention – though I think my problem with Daisy is that she doesn’t move her head enough (Disclaimer: I am not a dancer, just a very naïve spectator). She seems contained within this little box and every now and then she will consent to her limbs extending beyond the threshold but mostly it’s very neat and pretty, which I guess wasn’t what the judges were looking for. Still, what a beaut.

Look Two – Oti & Danny’s Foxtrot


These are probably my loves of the series, I adore them. Oti’s magnificent confidence and cheeky side-glances, and Danny’s willingness to work his socks off. Their foxtrot, set in a haunted church, was unfortunately riddled with trips and clunking into each other, and then subsequent desperation to recover. I mostly loved the concept – the strangeness of the red-bungee-cord tying them together (give him a challenge, why don’t you Oti?) and the lights catching their wonderfully made-up faces as their twirled through the ruins of their marriage. It was gorgeous, and Oti’s aesthetic is a genuine depiction of my own old-lady goals. Like a chic Miss Havisham.

Look Three – Natalie & Greg’s Rumba


On paper this is one of my favourite dance concepts ever. Greg, haunted and forlorn, throws himself dramatically over a desk after his lost love Natalie returns to him for one last heartbroken dance, which is rather gloriously, Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. It’s so emo, and it doesn’t even care. Not a huge amount of rumba going on, as a lot of it is Natalie being carefully arranged into magnificent poses and conducting ballet moves, which to be fair, Greg manages very gracefully, and mostly in character. The fact that he always looks like he’s bracing himself gingerly for the next component of the dance, we’ll just forget this week, as they both looked fantastic. Natalie, your godessness gives me energy. I couldn’t cope when she teared up after the comments.

So I’m not sure if this will be a regular segment, but I hope you’ve liked this little snapshot into my Strictly Feels, via sheer aesthetics and glitter. Here’s to HALLOWEEN WEEK!

(Here are a couple of throwbacks to previous Halloween routines. God bless you BBC.)