October Book and a Brew!

The modern movement of surprising oneself with a subscription box is one that I was previously rather cynical towards. Don’t get me wrong, some of them sound delightful – the literary ones full of all sorts of trinkets and whimsies of the book world – but they all seemed to centre upon the acquisition of stuff, nothing specific. I like a good surprise, but I also like to be in some semblance of a routine, and just, simplicity. So I did some research, and I think I’ve found one that is pretty perfect for me – Book and a Brew.


A mystery box filled with a slightly-off-the-beaten-track hardback book, and a box of tea to enjoy with it, for £12.99 a month. It’s a luxury but one I will hopefully be able to maintain! I received my first box yesterday, a Halloween special. Yes! Naturally I thought a blog unboxing would be necessary. A most bloody unboxing…

As you can see, we have Rawblood by Catriona Ward, an enticing-looking novel based on a bloodline haunted by death, paired with a Blood Orange box of tea by Prince & Sons Tea Co., presented in a rather fetching little box. I tried the tea before I went to bed, and I can’t tell you how calming and delicious it was. The teabags are like little classy pyramids, and I found it fascinating to see the contents of the bag as it brewed and filled my flat with a gorgeous, aromatic, deep orange tang. I will hopefully get stuck into the book shortly, and I’ll return with a review as soon as I can muster myself (it’s been a while.)

I also appreciated the teeny orange bats in the box. That’s an extra I can cope with. Clearly.





Up Bookmarks by CraftedVan

I had to share these adorable little magnetic bookmarks I received through the post the other day, made by CraftedVan.

IMG_0845 IMG_0846

They are joyous & sweet. Though I do always have to ensure that Carl & Ellie are together, the idea of them being placed in separate stories actually breaks my heart. Damn you, DisneyPixar!

Rosie x