TMI of the Month: Festive Lingerie (Blogmas Day Two)


Merry Blogmas Day Two!

It is perhaps fair to say that adulting at this time of year can often centre on stress. So many bills, so little time to organise, will the heating fail us, and so on. As such I think it’s so important to look after ourselves and give each other a chance to relax, and enjoy all aspects of Christmas. That may involve looking festively fierce underneath your many woollen layers. As such, for your visual delight I have compiled a little Christmas treat, in the form of a Seasonal Lingerie Lookbook. Hopefully it will inspire some of you to treat yourself, or treat a loved one, to a damn good time. Whether you like them to enjoy with a partner or without, on you or on the floor, it’s entirely a matter of self-care.


Now as much as Alison Brie carried off the whole “Kinky Mrs Claus” look in a Community special (oh Alison), I’m trying to steer from these particular tracks in favour of less traditional fayre. Beyond item one, I’m going for less 1980s fluffy snow peaks and crushed velvet, more bows and trinkets and charming reds/greens. I don’t want to say “classier” as it can’t really be juxtaposed with “crotchless”…but you get the idea. Ho ho ho!

2016 Festive Lingerie Lookbook


  1. Hips & Curves: Red Velvet Knickers $2.98

    Now let’s get the Mrs Claus look out of the way! I thought this was a cute and slightly more subtle take on the traditional Christmas lingerie look. They are essentially comfy boyshorts. The description reads “Visions of more than sugarplums will dance in his (or her) head when you arrive in these!” And for double risqué points, they are of course crotchless.



2. Bedtime Flirt: Sweetheart Lace Teddy £33.95

Ranging from a size 6-16, versatile for all year round, this is a gorgeous teddy. I love the belted satin detail without the harshness of corsetry, and it is so easy to wear under anything.

3. Sparkling Strawberry: Emerald/Black Balconette Bra Set £56.25

Balconette bras are my downfall, they are not the warmest or most supportive, but tehy are so damn beautiful. Again, not specifically Christmassy, but if you mix and match some red accessories into the ensemble then you have INSTANT XMAS. Now this is at the higher end of the price bracket, but I think that the technique here is to vow to wear it as often as you can in order to garner maximum value for money. I doubt there will be many complaints. Merry Bettie Pagemas!


4. Sparkling Strawberry: Savoir Faire Wine Lace Teddy £37.35

If you look past the alarmingly doll-like face of the model, this teddy is stunning. The satin bow is always a nice touch, and the lace would complement stockings of any colour. Imagine yourself lounging around the house in this, sipping mulled wine on Christmas Eve. Doesn’t really matter if you spill it.


5. Sparkling Strawberry: Satin Bow Babydoll £44.40

The last of the sparkling strawberries, I picked this obscenely expensive babydoll because of the kind of adorable boob bow-tie. Also, babydolls are very forgiving if you have issues exposing your stomach. But sometimes you have to abandon practicality for novelty – not classy, but so inviting. The Spirit of Christmas Boobs would approve heartily.


6. Glitter and the Moon: Red Satin Rose French Knickers £28

For vintage appeal, I had to share these very charming French knickers. Or are they shorts? I don’t know. The embroidery adds a touch of darling to the whole look, and the fact that they can transcend bellybutton heights is an added bonus.

7. Ann Summers: Tie-Side Festive Knickers £10

Speaking of darling, who can resist candy stripes? And classless slogans? And ruffles? Be still my Tacky Winter Wonderland heart. You can’t really go far wrong with Ann Summers lingerie, there’s always a slightly cutesy side to things that makes everything more everyday and accessible. I will refer to these as the You Go Glen Coco Knickers.


8. Agent Provocateur: Astra Stockings in Champagne & Red £25

I will never be able to afford anything from Agent Provocateur. Not even the stockings. But it won’t stop me leering at how delicate and generally fabulous everything is.


10: Ann Summers: Barely-There Bow Briefs £10

Definitely not practical but look at the little bow! Adorable. Cheekiness of the utmost festivity. Even if your Outfit Of the Day is this and this alone, it is totally worth it. Also whoever this model is, teach me your ways as your skin is that of a goddess, perfect porcelain.


11. Dollhouse Bettie: Satin Lace Hipflask Garter £34.48

Tis the season to be merry! And personally I wouldn’t object to having a personal supply of spiced rum with me at all times. Well, whatever takes your fancy really. Just not Baileys. Incidentally this range is full of vintage delights, please check it out if that’s your cup of tea.


12. Esty: Gaia Embroidered Cuffs with Detachable Chain £25.99

Butt!!! Sorry I’m such a child. Anyway, how beautiful are these? They’ve got cosy Winter nights written all over them. Or Summer, Spring, Autumn, a Tuesday morning…

1499estylingerievelvetgarterupto24thigh13. Esty: Green Velvet Garter £14.99

And finally! There’s something slightly regal about this garter, something of a 1920s debased royalty vibe. Whatever floats your boat, but it’s just so pretty and versatile. And this is the key message I wish to convey in this decadent little list, that you can wear these anytime, for anyone or no one. I think it gives you a little slice of power to know that underneath your Christmas jumper, you’ve got a whole load of sparkle and tease going on.


Until the next day of Blogmas!