Apple Farmers Market Haul

*insert jaunty Parks & Recreation themetune*


I present to you today, a haul! This morning one of our local parks held a farmers’ market, apple-themed to herald the season. My boyfriend’s parents were visiting for the weekend, and we suggested having them meet my own parents there. It would be dog-friendly which was super, as we had a slightly rain-mottled and therefore slightly grumpy pug in tow, and it was definitely us-friendly, as we do love our food. Throw a casual supporting of local traders and homemade produce in the mix and it turned out to be perfect. It was an adorable set-up of hot food stalls, fresh produce, an apple-press inviting marketgoers to make their own apple juice, live music, and a little craft section. My Dad was very excited as I’m pretty sure he procured his entire weekly shop from said stalls, and we didn’t fare too badly either – this is what we bought.

NB: The apples are admittedly decorative and purchased from Aldi the day before – apples were surprisingly scarce at the market! But everything else, most of which we sampled from the adorable vendors, is entirely authentic.

So what do we have? A couple of pork pies, two bottles of apple cider (one raspberry/one toffee), goat’s cheese and a block of Derby sage cheddar (I’m thinking of making tartlets with these cheese, possibly with some red onion chutney), some ginger & apple cake (divine!), a mixture of vanilla/orange and cappuccino fudge, and finally a selection of shortbread: white chocolate & vanilla, apple & cinnamon and salted caramel.

That’s an autumnal picnic right there. Which I have pretty much assembled, as for photographing purposes I hastily threw a picnic blanket onto our living room rug. Instant inside-picnic, with a kettle on standby and a pile of chunky knits. I am a summer person, despite my sunkiss-resistant skin it is definitely my favoured season, however you can’t help but warm to the cosiness of autumn. Especially when the cosiness is so delightfully edible. We’ve had the cutest day, chill-filled and rain-filled and not-so-much-apple-filled.





September Favourites


Welcome to the first edition of my Monthly Favourites: September. Clearly late. A damn good type of month, arguably one of the better ones if you’re talking about plosive pronunciation. Three dashing syllables of Autumnal heraldry! It makes me think of embers in a sept – a fiery redheaded Scottish clan collecting coins for the Jacobites. Sexy Outlander reference there. It’s been a month of minor changes and progress, mainly centred around my commencement of Bullet Journalling – probably another post in itself. So my mascot for the month was a little geometric fox, beautiful and fierce and fragile and admittedly foxy. Let’s dig in, shall we?

  1. Television: The Great British Bake-Off

We had a legitimate launch party for the Bake Off this year and it was the most delicious little night – this might convey just how excited this programme makes me. Obviously due to some element of sheer madness and utmost treason the show will be shortly disbanded, and cut up into futile little vol-au-vents of its former gloriousness. I choose to watch this series in denial of this fact. May the illegitimate sexual chemistry between Selasi and Benjamina continue to delight us all.

2. YouTube: Jenny Mustard

I have never been so fascinated by someone whose life and principles are so utterly different to mine. Jenny is a Swedish vegan food/lifestyle vlogger and minimalist. The reason I watch her videos is because I find them incredibly calming (I think the accent is 87% of this), and everything looks so monochromatic and uncluttered, and delicious in pretty much all cases. I fully intend to attempt her recipe of fettuccine twirls with garlicky purple cabbage and cheesy chickpea sauce. Divine!

3. Film: Kubo & The Two Strings

Whimsical and elegant and straightforward yet painstakingly gorgeous. Watch it mainly for Kubo’s artful origami-samisen storytelling.

4. Film: Morgan

I’ve heard this small film garnered mixed reviews, but I loved it. Admittedly I may have glossed over several plot errors due to RACS (Ridiculously Attractive Casting Syndrome), but it was still a very interesting violent take on sci-fi.

5. Film: Bridget Jones’ Baby

I can’t remember the last time the anticipation and delivery (ha) of a film brought me so much joy. It’s not even close to a guilty pleasure, I bloody love Bridget Jones.

6. Food: Al Forno Pizza.

I went to the theatre with my partner this month to see a play called Mindgame, which was completely bonkers, and with our tickets we received a voucher for 2-for-1 on Pizzas and Pastas at Al Fornos. A heavenly proposition. After much deliberation we decided on a seafood pizza for him, and a prosciutto and rocket pizza for myself. DIVINE! It helped that we were situated on a table in what we liked to call Foodporn Alley, right next to the kitchen. That’s the stuff.

7. Food: Cooplands Pokeball Shortbread

To actively consume my repressed anger at not being able to play Pokémon Go on my ridiculous Windows Phone, I bought myself a Pokeball biscuit. My review: It was good.

8. Drink: Short Mile Bay Merlot

Partnered with the pizzas – we will always go for the house wines, doesn’t everybody? It was scrumptious, and didn’t leave that familiar bitter taste in my throat – it was almost creamy, and vanillary, and just marvellous.

9. Skin: Vita Coco Coconut Oil

I started moisturising my body using coconut oil, which I thought would be pretty perilous as I have pretty ridiculously sensitive skin. I was proved wrong, it is particularly perfect for my dry legs and has caused no flare-ups thus far. I mix a little vanilla essential oil with it to give it more of a fragrance kick.

10. Dress Most Wanted: Dolly Dagger “Lulu”

As I recall this dress was around £140 – absolutely would not buy, I am far too clumsy and prone to dribbling tea down myself to fork out on such an extravagance. However, it is beautiful and I can’t help but swoon.

I’m not 100% sure on the layout of this Monthly Favourites blog, but I am not going to let significant room for tweaking stop me from doing it altogether. I’ve had some wonderful memories this month, including skipping down my student mainstreet with my partner, wearing my green polkadot LindyBop dress and not having a care in the world, pretty damn tipsy after wine tasting with the most delectable cheeseboard. So here’s to September, and as always, to cheeseboards.

I’ll be back soon with another blog.

Rosie x