Plan With Me! Bullet Journal (July 2017)

Hello my lovelies!

Late as usual, here is my hastily-scribbled July spread. I wish I could offer a more delicious aesthetic – plumply-bosomed apples tumbling from prosperous trees in a hazy peach sunset – but the English reality is that July is thus far rainy, stormy, and I am a busy bee, with little time to pollinate her…penmanship?


The same goals keep cropping up, month-by-month, which is not really in line with the concept of my bullet journal. They are more *Barbossa accent* GUIDELINES I guess, approaches with which I would like to embrace this particular month. I need to stop being angry at myself, even if it is validated which I believe it usually is, it’s not good for anybody in the bubble of my existence on Earth. Be positive, Rosie.

Until the next blog!




Plan With Me! Bullet Journal (June)


Hello my lovelies!

Here is a rather belated update on my bullet journal spreads for the month of June and the month of May… I am ashamed for my tardiness. By far the tardiest in the class!


Wow I didn’t even have a speech prepared, but um.. I would just like to thank my immense lack of timeliness in all situations, my distance-learning course that has ridden me into the ground recently, and last but not least, the wonderful creators behind American Gods, and The Handmaid’s Tale, for making these amazing shows. Without which, I might never be tardy.

(June is evidently laden with self-propaganda due to tomorrow being election day but did you expect anything less? Now for May, as seen below. I have definitely adopted a scruffier layout as of late but I find it frustrating to spend an inordinate amount of time delicately adorning my journal with extras, when the information is what matters to me more. I wish I could watercolour my life, but I simply don’t have the talent or patience. But there are always alternatives – with thanks to my new sticky notes. My sticky sticky notes.)

Until the next blog!



Plan With Me! March 2017

Hello my lovelies!

With a tad more promptness than previous Plan With Me’s, welcome to my March effort. Mascot of the month is this scrawled yet dapper March hare, the design of which I nicked from pub signage. There’s clovers and dots and the pens which I should never use as they bleed unceremoniously over the page, but nevertheless, I must keep reminding myself that my journaling is not about the pretty. It’s about the changes it generates in my daily life. Take Exhibit A, February: All of my  monthly goals barring one (apply for two jobs) were achieved, with minimal difficulty. If I hadn’t set them in stone as time-limited tasks then I highly doubt I wouldn’t gotten round to them unguided. They may not have been particularly groundbreaking (Florals? For Spring?) – but I still felt them necessary. I stretched every evening (or morning), I took the time to read more often, I replenished my savings as best as I could, I got my hair cut after nearly two years of scraggly ends, I went back to the gym after a shameful hibernation, and I dedicated each morning or evening to proofreading and studying. The majority of these I believe I can set as attainable habits.

(I have noticed how particularly scruffy this month’s layout is by the way… I shall blame it on the fact that I was watching The Last Leg as I was designing it, and it ended up being a sort of freehand effort as that show is too damn hilarious to divert your eyes for too long.)

Until the next blog




Plan With Me! – January 2017

Hello my  lovelies.

Following a month’s hiatus I have returned from the oblivion of Christmas, a fluey new year, and a hasty house move. When I wrote my 2016 review in my bullet journal I treated it like a confession booth, a space to fit in all of my avoidable mistakes and harmful moments that formed the fabric of my past year. That I will not share, but instead I am looking at the present. True, January is nearly spent, but I would still like to share my layout in the hope of emphasising less pressure. Less pressure, is something I would like to treat myself to. I enjoy making my monthly spread neat and pretty, but beyond that I have gone for a much more minimalist look in my dailies and trackers. Taking care of the essentials is a noble task, I don’t wish to dismiss it in favour of flair.

Please excuse the massive wishlist, I was a tad overzealous in my inventory cleanse before the house move and ended up throwing a way more toiletries and clothing than I’d originally hoped. I must aspire to replenish this stock, most likely over the course of an entire year by the looks of things. I can see the billowing sails of The Great Ship Payday on the horizon, and its bounty will be glorious. Buy ALL the black tights!




Plan With Me – December (Blogmas Day Six)

Merry Blogmas Day Six!

Being a scheduling failure and general numpty, I pushed my “Plan With Me” post to the back of my Blogmas notes and therefore have just gotten round to setting it all up. FESTIVE FAILURE. However, I cracked on with a hoard of Christmas songs and a can of Coke and finally drafted out my monthly spread, ready for its Tetris-style plethora of tasks. In the words of the Tesco Christmas advert, BRING IT ON.



Et voila! My festive spread. I originally wanted to go for a Germanic theme, hence the dodgily-copied font for ‘December’, then I decided I wanted the Snowdog to be my little spirit animal and guide for the season, and chucked some other random things in there as well. So it’s a hodgepodge of design, and I am most certainly not an artist, but I actually quite like it. I also cut my tracker down to about half its previous size, as these are the things I actually want to keep track of, and can be bothered, and want to improve as the month goes on. It’s just a bit more practical than my past sketches. So hello December, sorry I’m late but let’s make it a grand one!

Until the next day of Blogmas!



Plan With Me – November Spread

With October all burnt out and still smell deliciously of pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING, I have embraced the next chapter and finished my newly monthly spread. I’m not quite sure what November represents to me as I’m not a huge fangirl of Bonfire Night – and this very oddball holiday is about all that my country opts to celebrate this particular month – but I am a big fan of V for Vendetta. This will be my spirit film, as a revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having. Strictly producers, please make this the next opening dance for the professionals!


Looking amazing already right? As tedious as it sounds setting up the bare bones of my next month really makes me happy. This is my month, and I’ll plan it as I like!


Something I have already learned on November 1st: Fireworks are bloody difficult to draw, and the result seems to be an exotic flower mid-pollination, but that works for me too. With the text I was going for a sparklers-being-sparkly but the overall effect seems to be one of an orange puree haphazardly squeezed over a child’s shoddy crayon effort. I tried.


In all honesty, most of my monthly goals are also from last month. I failed rather a lot at my goals in October, but I am going to dismiss this before I punish myself as I had a fantastic month, and some great memories.


Roses are also hard to draw. The meaning is there, though!


I take a lot of satisfaction in writing out my mini-key. The whole idea of the spread is that it gives me a bit of clarity as to how busy each day is going to be, and how heavily-weighted it will be towards personal projects, or being social, or fitness etc. I should clarify that the “Pop” of Gym/Pop pertains to Pop Pilates. Not a can of pop. No matter how much I want it.


I haven’t started to fill in the calendar yet but here it is! I welcome November with open arms, and deep breaths of air so tastily filled with toffee apples and bonfire smoke you can almost lick it.

See you soon!