My Top 10 Drag Race Contestants START YOUR ENGINES

Hello my lovelies.

On this snowy eve, I am sitting in my work uniform for a shift that was not meant to be, as our building has had to submit to the Beast from the East and protect its glistening innards, the innards being the staff. I am very blessed though, as I have multiple blankets on my knees, a very toasty bobble hat and the softest of jumpers. Such cosy, much toast. I thought a sweet yet trashy post would be very much in order, catering to my undying love for RuPaul’s Drag Race. Oddly comforting, ridiculous, sassy and the harbinger of a fascinating new language and culture, for me chipping into an episode is the equivalent of drinking a fine-ass toffee latte. Sugar-filled and warms you up from your very core. I’ve always been fascinated by drag artists. I recall being around 8 years old and on a family holiday, watching cabaret acts in the local club and being absolutely mesmerised by how beautifully over-the-top everything was. Tip of the iceberg. The dawning age of Drag Race opened the gates to a newly overground celebration of the creativity, wit, and ROYALTY that is required of these queens to make the big-time, with a sprinkling of LGBT solidarity in every episode. I absolutely adore it. As tough as it was to categorise, here is a compilation list of my Top 10 Queens from Season 4 onwards…



10. Miss Fame


Now post Drag Race, Miss Fame is probably most famed for having unconditional love for chickens, and also looking like a BRAZEN BOMBSHELL every time she hit the runway. Not hugely successful in the improv or dancing sections, she would step out in an utterly divine ensemble and I would forgive her immediately. The long black opera gloves with the short sleeved sequinsed dress? Complete fierceness.

9. Nina Bonina Brown


Never before has the long-standing innuendo of the Peach Emoji as a butt been so actively threatened. Nina may have reclaimed it. The second she bounced into the workroom with THOSE HIPS AND THIGH as a spit-curl brown mouse, she had my heart. One of the most creative queens, yet one of the most self-doubting. You’ve got this, girl.

8. Sasha Velour


YES THERE ARE SOME WINNERS IN THIS LIST. Sue me for being clichéd. But can you deny the apocalyptic genius that is Sasha? She was just a complete revolution in the show, from the bald tribute to her recently-passed mother, to the incredible feats of fashion she projected on the runway. The Rainbow-She-Better-Don’t ensemble, that tribute to Dorothy with the house on her head? My jaw dropped.

7. Chi Chi DeVayne


I can’t really imagine a queen so different to Sasha, but Chi Chi became the love of my life the second she opened her mouth. That accent. The lip sync to “Call Me” by Blondie. The tributes to old-school, unafraid trashy drag. It’s so easy to adore Chi Chi, even when she misses the mark on her looks. You can see the determination in her eyes, and just how much she loves doing drag.

6. Katya


Oh Katya. That sizzlin’ meat. One of the most hilarious queens of all time, like I would just die when she did any comedy or improv challenge. Scattered and crazy, susceptible to breakdowns and a fabulous contender. Look at her finale outfit, it is incredible! I could also listen to her speak Russian or French, all day.

5. Peppermint


I remember ugly-crying so hard when Peppermint spoke about the difficulties she’s faced in transitioning to a woman whilst maintaining her drag queen status. She is an absolute star, and one of the most beautiful and strongest queens I’ve ever witnessed. I think she is quite possibly my favourite lip-syncer, which as we know is a fundamental quality in drag culture!

4. Bianca Del Rio


Do I even need to explain? If you’re ever having a bad day, please go watch a clip of Bianca tearing somebody a new one. Her wit and scathing observations are just unparalleled, in any comedian or artist. It’s like you’re being slapped in the face repeatedly BUT YOU KNOW YOU DESERVE IT. Then there’s the Broadway Skillz that she brought to the workroom every week, the woman can cut a fierce silhouette and flash a smile so dazzling you’ll wonder why she isn’t the leading lady in EVERYTHING.

3. Kim Chi


I so wanna be Fat, Fem and Asian. Arguably the most skilled makeup artist on the show. Every single look is stunning, oddly moving, and entrancing. Follow her on Instagram, you will not regret it. Again this is a whole new rivulet of drag that I’d never even imagined before I watched the show, and that is being a literal work of art.

2. Latrice Royale


Now if you ever need a confidence lesson, come and watch Latrice. I have never seen such joy for life and a willingness to embrace everything that comes her way, than in Latrice. She officiates weddings in fabulous ballgowns, she sells body-positive merch, and she has one of the most inspiring and fierce messages of the entire show. “I want people to realize it’s OK to make mistakes, it’s OK to fall down. Get up, look sickening, and make them eat it!”

1. Jinkx Monsoon


Here we have it. Seattle’s Premier Jewish Narcoleptic Drag Queen. Every single moment of Jinkx on the show, I was in love. Her crazy countouring, her auditioning-for-The-Mask facial expressions, her snoring, her incredible Peruvian lip sync, the Water-Off-A-Duck’s-Back mantra, the way she stole every scene she was in, and looked gorgeous in any outfit. I can’t get enough of her, and post-race she has blossomed even further, and become the most voluptuous, charming and hilarious queen in drag history, in my humble opinion. If I could go out for one or six cocktails with anyone, it would be Jinkx. Of all the definitions of drag, she kinda hit the nail on the head for me with her performance. Surreal, inspired, and finding joy in the darkest moments

So who are your favourite queens? Are you mad that I didn’t include Alaska or Ben De La Crème? Guess they just need to work a little harder. (Lol jk Ben in All Stars is everything.)










First Post of 2018: Just a Little Update

(Really queen? It’s late February. And you didn’t complete Blogmas. Again.)


I am back my lovelies! Reborn from the ashes with glorious plumage and an even poorer sense of routine. So what has been happening lately?

1) The post-counselling chapter. Lapses have happened, it was entirely expected, but on the whole I feel…jauntier. I know I have the tools to combat further lows in my self-worth. I still fear another plummet to rock-bottom, but I can’t expect miracles. My family is having some issues at the moment and I want to be wholly in the moment, to help them, not in some dark corner of my head.

2) Indulgence. Mainly in the following: Altered Carbon, Drag Race, Black Mirror and Outlander. I do love my escapism. I am trying my hardest not to feel guilty in enjoying myself. Such a terrible sleeping pattern does lend itself to some concentrated binging, I should consider myself honoured to have the time for this…even if it is usually 2am.

3) Eco Progression. I am by no means a preacher of an entirely zero waste lifestyle – by gum I would be the biggest hypocrite alive if so – but I now consider myself a ‘Reducitarian’. I am trying to reduce my impact on the environment, by being more conscious with my purchases and lifestyle choices. I have made so much progress already, especially with fashion consumption. It’s something we’re all so capable of.

4) 2018 Trip Plans! I am so excited for what me and my partner have planned for this year. We do need to bite the bullet and actually book it, but watch this space. World I’m coming to getchya.

Expect to see more frequent posts from me, and please don’t feel used in that I merely use this blog as an outlet to feel calm and together…it helps me more than you know. I’m currently laid on the sofa, with a nest I have made from blankets and pillows and dressing gowns. It is the cosiest of places and I send love from within. If only pizza were here too.

See you soon,



12 Days of Blogmas! Day Ten: My Christmas Eve


Just a little post today, my Christmas Eve. I was due to go to our local Christmas market with my partner and my Dad, for some Christmas carols and mulled wine…unfortunately it was cancelled due to high winds, but no matter! There were festivities to be had everywhere 😙

I wore the glitziest of skirts, we took a walk through the park to spot squirrels and catch Pokemon, went to town to pick up some Christmas spirits (gin and rum), and decided to pick up some sausage rolls and mince pies to leave for the people at work who ended up working today, on the busiest of days. 

We then put a hunk of gammon and cherry Pepsi in the slow cooker ready for tomorrow – currently smelling like Christmas HEAVEN – wrapped some gifts, had lunch, and watched Monsters University. My boyfriend then took a nap on the sofa, and I read my little Christmas novel that I picked up from a charity shop, with a lovely crackling fireplace sound effect in the background. 

Then it was time for the traditional Lush bath, Winter pyjamas and Muppets Christmas Carol watching. One key difference between this tradition as a child and now, is that now I also have beer to drink while watching it. Divine 🎄🎄🎄

So it has not been as planned but still perfect. I am so grateful for today, and though there were a few stressed souls and smashed plates in town, I always like to think of everyone setting aside their differences and celebrating life tomorrow 🕊

I wish you all the merriest of Christmases 

Until the next day of Blogmas!



12 Days of Blogmas! Day Nine: December Traditions

You have returned, dear Frostlings!

Let us gather around the fireplace, at a safe distance of course, for the ninth day of our festivities. Today we will be talking about the little traditions I like to honour in December. Admittedly sometimes work gets a little in the way, but this year I will endeavour to prioritise the small moments that fill me with nostalgia and peace, because Christmas. As we all know, ‘because Christmas’ is a legitimate legal term and requires no further elaboration in any court of law. Special mentions to Christmas 2016 when we tried to make the concoction of egg nog a tradition, until we realised how much effort goes into nogging an egg, so that sadly didn’t make the cut.

1. The Annual Strictly Final Night

Now this little top came into my life via Etsy, many many years ago. I bought it from a Canadian lady who said it was her mother’s from the 80s, and the legitimacy of this statement aside, I love it to bits. It’s cropped so I can wear it over any of my dresses, it’s sequinned and tacky as Hell, and over the years it has become tradition for me to wear it on Strictly Final Night, when my fabulous friend Rachel comes over and we devour pizzas while yelling at the TV. It’s pretty musty and loses a few sequins every year, but it is my little December mascot and the Spirit of Christmas Fabulousness.

2. A Lush bath and a Christmas book

Starting several years ago but slightly marred by a few Christmas Eve shifts at work, this year I am free again to embrace this most serene of traditions. Each year on Christmas Eve I like to buy a festive book from a charity shop, and read it in the bath accompanied by candles and some sort of Lush bath paraphernalia. Then I simply donate the book back. This one was from Age UK, and I have a super old bubble wand thing, I can’t remember the name of it but it smells like cinnamon and cloves, a kinda mulled wine in a bathtub sort of scenario. I can’t wait for this. So much cute. Can the magic of Christmas bring them together? I just don’t know!!!

3. O Christmas Docs, O Christmas Docs, how lovely are your ribbons!

Behold! The Great Docs of Christmas. My sister gave these to me for my birthday last year, and they basically have Christmas written all over them. Each year I select a pair to festoon with ribbon in place of the laces, and they always look fabulous. Here the ribbons dont match, because they are offcuts from last year’s stock. We’re trying to do our Christmases in an old-school agricultural style, leaving the wrappimg box fallow for a year and using up the old mismatching bits and making way for years to come. So if your gifts look a tad haphazard, thats why. But dont they Docs look beautiful? Look at them THEY ARE DRIPPING CHRISTMAS GODDAMIT 🌲🌲🌲

4. It’s in the singing of a street-corner choir

One of the most accurate and beautiful adaptations of Charles Dickens festive masterpiece is of course, The Muppets Christmas Carol. Guaranteed to bring joy to even the Scroogiest of souls. I watch it every year, and it makes me feel like a kid again every time. COME IN AND KNOW ME BETTER MAN!!!

5. Cooking Christmas dinner

So it has become tradition for my partner and I to cook Christmas dinner at my Dad’s house. He very kindly foots the bill for the Big Food Shop, and we get to work with recipes and concepts and moodboards, honestly it brings us such joy to do it. Granted I have a super small family, if it were more of a Home-alone pre-kevin’s abandonment family scenario then I imagine I would be pretty stressed. Remember kids, the microwave is your friend. Things go cold at a remarkable rate when you’re plating up 18 different components to a plate.

6. Star Wars Fajita Night

We have not yet gotten round to this yet, but it’ll definitely be a beloved part of our December at some point. Each year my partner and I watch something from the Star Wars verse and make fajitas. Not a clue why, we just do 😅

Now I wish I could say my traditions were a bit edgier, like I smokes a Cuban at Christmas and a pipe at Easter, always has, always will. But I love them, and they bring me the utmost peace. What are yours?

Until the next day of Blogmas,

Peace and love, peace and love

Rosie x

12 Days of Blogmas! Day Eight: Christmas According to Salem Saberhagen

Konnichiwa Frostlings!

Welcome to the eighth day of Blogmas, and today your true love (me) gives to you (you) a little account of Christmas according to my eternal spirit animal, sarcastic familiar and supreme world leader, Salem Saberhagen. Enjoy!

When it’s 9am on Christmas morning and you’ve already cracked open the Quality Streets and pate on toast…

 When someone insists on having The Queens Speech on every bloody year, even though it’s always rubbish and she never tells any jokes, NOT ONE! I mean what this country needs right now is some bloody good cracker jokes delivered completely deadpan via a ridiculously imperative monarchic tradition, GET ON IT QUEENIE..

When you put a classic Christmas playlist on to get in the mood and a Justin Bieber song rears its ugly entitled head…

When you’ve already delved into your Christmas present for yourself because you’ve been working hard this year and self-love is underrated…

When the dinner is finally plated up and every bad experience you’ve had this year fades into a distant memory as you are reunited with your one true love…

When you’ve had three courses plus endless glasses of wine and may explode but there’s so much delicious festive food lurking around the house…

When someone suggests another round of Charades…

When you’re flicking through the TV and The Snowman & the Snowdog is on…

When you inexplicably end up on a traditionally tragic episode of Eastenders…

When everybody goes home and you’re left with the dishes to clean, the cards to recycle and the bitter reality of January being just a week away…

And when actually you sack the dishes off, remain in your pyjamas for a week and gain a stone in leftover roasties…

And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Happy Holidays everybody!

Until the next Day of Blogmas,



12 Days of Blogmas! Day Seven: Christmas Planning

Greetings my tinselly little frostlings!

After a busy weekend I have returned with another festive installment, which is short but hopefully sweet. I simply present to you my bullet journal spreads for the months of November and December. I took these photos a while ago, hence the blankness. But fret not, I have been keeping up to date with all of my bullet journalling, because this hobby has become a beacon of self-support in the past couple of years. It’s the little moments of satisfaction of ticking off to-do lists or taking the responsibility to defer tasks to a later date if they aren’t realistic. As well as the general organisation of making consistent note of events, goals, ideas, budgets, all within one pretty lil notebook. 

Calcifer was my spirit guide throughout November, for obvious bonfire-related reasons. I like the idea of November being the month to reflect on what you would like to change in the year to come, throwing your regrets on a bonfire and bidding farewell to the self-doubts you experienced so far this year. Then it leaves December to focus on celebrating the experiences you have gained, and what you are grateful for in this year. 

Christmas 2017 has been planned in my bullet journal with great aplomb…gift ideas and budgets, the great Foodshop list, festive reads to find in the library, or to budget for buying full price (still trying to stick to this notion!), Blogmas ideas, etc. Just to clarify in case anybody is interested, I don’t post my daily spreads because they are a bit too specific and personal to share with the world…I mean I do share intimate details of periods and whatnot with y’all, but putting in my shopping lists would be crossing a line…

My December spirit guide is of course, Ron Weasley’s Christmas jumper, and all it represents. Being warm and cosy, feeling loved and given something unique to you, feeling like part of a family. How about that for some schmaltz! It’s also the perfect jumper to sit around the house and binge on Christmas leftovers in as you watch conspiracy documentaries, so yes I will most definitely be channelling Ron this season.

Until the next day of Blogmas!



12 Days of Blogmas! Day Six: Comfy Christmas Day Dresses

Bonjour mes petites frostleengs!

In staark contrast to Day 5, it’s time for a classic commercial Blogmas post, all in the name of being comfy and cosy on Christmas Day. You know the feeling, you want to wear something a little bit festive and a tad special but you also dont want anything pulling you in at the waist when you’re about to devour a massive dinner. As Stacey Shipman once quoted, “Dyou want something comfy or something sluttish?”

I personally would like to be comfy on Christmas Day. You’re milling around the kitchen and going on walks and rolling around on the floor on a sheer festive high, so I have picked some simple designs to keep you cosy and unbelted…perhaps paired with reindeer antlers, stripey elf tights, massive tacky earrings. You know the drill. Enjoy!

Boohoo Plus Martha Embroidered Ruffle Smock Dress £25.00

Tall Green Ruched Sleeve Skater Dress £20

Black & Ivory Heart Print Midi £30

Jersey Dress with a Lace Trim £19.99

Mesh Trim Floral Smock Dress £20.99

Red Spot Frill Skater Dress £24.99

Star Print Dress £12.50

Burgundy Metallic Chiffon Midi £29.99

Plus Katie Retro Print Smock Dress £18

Dawn Wine Velvet Swing Dress £38

I hope you enjoyed my little lookbook! Of course there is always the option of a) wearing something you already have b) wearing pyjamas or c) wearing a maternity dress to make room for the imminent Christmas bloatiness, but if you’re anything like me then you have a little thing for browsing pretty dresses at this time of year, then I hope this piqued your festive interest. Truth be told, I’m a bit skint to afford new clothes and I don’t really need any and it’s not really in the spirit of How Cruel is my Wardrobe…why am I doing this post again? Oh yeah, because it’s CHRIIIIIIIIIIISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAS

Until the next day of Blogmas!