12 Days of Blogmas! Day Six: Comfy Christmas Day Dresses

Bonjour mes petites frostleengs!

In staark contrast to Day 5, it’s time for a classic commercial Blogmas post, all in the name of being comfy and cosy on Christmas Day. You know the feeling, you want to wear something a little bit festive and a tad special but you also dont want anything pulling you in at the waist when you’re about to devour a massive dinner. As Stacey Shipman once quoted, “Dyou want something comfy or something sluttish?”

I personally would like to be comfy on Christmas Day. You’re milling around the kitchen and going on walks and rolling around on the floor on a sheer festive high, so I have picked some simple designs to keep you cosy and unbelted…perhaps paired with reindeer antlers, stripey elf tights, massive tacky earrings. You know the drill. Enjoy!

Boohoo Plus Martha Embroidered Ruffle Smock Dress £25.00

Tall Green Ruched Sleeve Skater Dress £20

Black & Ivory Heart Print Midi £30

Jersey Dress with a Lace Trim £19.99

Mesh Trim Floral Smock Dress £20.99

Red Spot Frill Skater Dress £24.99

Star Print Dress £12.50

Burgundy Metallic Chiffon Midi £29.99

Plus Katie Retro Print Smock Dress £18

Dawn Wine Velvet Swing Dress £38

I hope you enjoyed my little lookbook! Of course there is always the option of a) wearing something you already have b) wearing pyjamas or c) wearing a maternity dress to make room for the imminent Christmas bloatiness, but if you’re anything like me then you have a little thing for browsing pretty dresses at this time of year, then I hope this piqued your festive interest. Truth be told, I’m a bit skint to afford new clothes and I don’t really need any and it’s not really in the spirit of How Cruel is my Wardrobe…why am I doing this post again? Oh yeah, because it’s CHRIIIIIIIIIIISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAS

Until the next day of Blogmas!




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