12 Days of Blogmas! Day Three: A Cosy Festive Morning

Welcome back my little frostlings!

I am here to present to you, something I am pretty damn grateful for. My morning has been entirely my own, no responsibilities or errands, just a lovely few hours to relax and get my cosy on before I mull through my to-do list this afternoon. So I thought I’d lend it to a chapter of Blogmas. Enjoy!

Normally I shower in the evening, but last night I kind of forgot. You know when you sometimes forget to wash and then feel like your world is crashing down around you because you can’t even crack the basics? Anyway. I listened to The Chris Moyles Show as I scrubbed my bedraggled self back into the adult world, and my cleaning routine seems to have been sponsored by Lush today. I think this solid body lotion is called Once Upon a Time, it smells of Granny Smith Apples dusted with icing sugar and it is heaven. Then there is “Rump”, which is supposed to be exclusively for your butt…I use it mainly on my chest and boobs  (RIP Lovely Jubblies cream). For general scrubbing I’m using one of my favourite soaps, Honey I Washed the Kids. It smells of TOFFEE AND HONEY AND EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD.

All dried and warm and contact-lensed so I can actually see wtf I am doing, I opted for thick-ass tights and these socks because Christmas. Sufficiently fluffy base layers.

OOTD! My partner’s nanna gave me this jumper some Christmas ago and it is a perfectly tacky 1980s throwback, I love it. Paired with this red skirt…I am wearing both corduroy and wool, the festive textilian dream.

I moisturised the fuck out of my face because my Scottish pallor tends to dry, scaly and ruddy as Santa’s cheeks in the Winter months. This solid lip scrub is again from Lush, and I can’t remember the name of it but it smells like blackcurrant sweets. Anybody? And even though I’m only moosing round the house this morning I put on a bit of lipstick. I own literally two, and this one is called Queen of Hearts, so you can guess which colour we’re working with here.


Breakfast time. I always eat breakfast, and people who manage their entire morning without it frankly scare me. I’m trying to veer away from what my mind tells me is a good breakfast (Crumpets covered in duck pate with cranberry sauce and a glass of Prosecco-ho-ho-ho.) Instead I’ve gone for what I like to call “I Really Don’t Want to Catch a Cold So I Will Trick My Body Into Thinking It Can Shield Itself With Vitamin C and Hot Beverages”.

Here we have instant porridge (because life is brief) with honey, cinnamon, sunflower seeds, flaked almonds, an orange, two massive pints of water with lime, in a cup I procured from Oktoberfest, and some cod liver oil! Party time.

The festive Eeyore mug is out and thence it shall remain until summertime. This is a bog standard cup of tea, my favourite this time of year is redbush but I am unfortunately out of it. A Classic British First World Problem.

Oh Tea-Wok, the many bags you have had dipped in your face.

Incidentally, I fucked up big-time with the porridge and I poured enough cinnamon on to rival the Sahara desert.

Rosie you twat.

For Breakfast-desert, as is customary, I opened my Advent Calendar with the ravenous delight of delayed gratification.

My chocolate was a “gift box”. Yes!

So having tucked into my breakfast with Arthur Christmas on in the background and my bladder protesting against the four pints of liquid I’ve downed pretty quickly, I had a little wrapping session.

Many a Crayola felt-tip and decorative baubles joy to be had here. All to the tune of this very jaunty playlist on Spotify.

And the last dregs of this adorable little candle I got for my birthday. It didn’t quote make it to Christmas Eve, but hey we all over indulge at this time of year.

All interspersed with casual window-shopping for festive items I neither need nor can afford. Anybody else do this?

After quite a sedentary morning, mixed with the Gollum-esque hunch pose I used when wrapping up presents, my body is crying out for a good stretch, so I’m going to get my down dog on, and run some errands.

Until the next day of Blogmas!




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