12 Days of Blogmas! Day Two: A Visit to the Frost Fair 

Welcome back my little frostlings!

Blogmas Day Two!

So this morning my boyfriend & I paid a visit to our local park as they had announced their Frost Fair, which is an adorable little farmers market, festively themed. We bundled up and had the sweetest little start to the day, filled with hot mulled cider, sausage rolls, and more tartan-wearing dogs than you could shake a stick at. I managed to sample three different kinds of beer before 10.30am, my boyfriend bought eight huge pots of locally produced cheesecake (he did not think it was excessive), and I picked up an apricot and marzipan flavoured brownie, along with a cheeky venison scotch egg for later. In a way we are like our own breed of dog, we’re just happy as long as we have a long walk, procure some delicious food, and get our boots a bit muddy. Every time we noticed an adorable hound, we openly wept as there’s only so much cuteness we can take with any level of dignity. I’m so thankful for today, it was the perfect little festive treat, and well worth wading through the flooded footpaths for. Said footpaths were officially closed, but there was nothing stopping this boy from acquiring enough cheesecake to render a Christmas elf comatose. Here’s a few photos, until the next day of Blogmas!




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