Plan With Me! Bullet Journal (July 2017)

Hello my lovelies!

Late as usual, here is my hastily-scribbled July spread. I wish I could offer a more delicious aesthetic – plumply-bosomed apples tumbling from prosperous trees in a hazy peach sunset – but the English reality is that July is thus far rainy, stormy, and I am a busy bee, with little time to pollinate her…penmanship?


The same goals keep cropping up, month-by-month, which is not really in line with the concept of my bullet journal. They are more *Barbossa accent* GUIDELINES I guess, approaches with which I would like to embrace this particular month. I need to stop being angry at myself, even if it is validated which I believe it usually is, it’s not good for anybody in the bubble of my existence on Earth. Be positive, Rosie.

Until the next blog!




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