Plan With Me! Bullet Journal (June)


Hello my lovelies!

Here is a rather belated update on my bullet journal spreads for the month of June and the month of May… I am ashamed for my tardiness. By far the tardiest in the class!


Wow I didn’t even have a speech prepared, but um.. I would just like to thank my immense lack of timeliness in all situations, my distance-learning course that has ridden me into the ground recently, and last but not least, the wonderful creators behind American Gods, and The Handmaid’s Tale, for making these amazing shows. Without which, I might never be tardy.

(June is evidently laden with self-propaganda due to tomorrow being election day but did you expect anything less? Now for May, as seen below. I have definitely adopted a scruffier layout as of late but I find it frustrating to spend an inordinate amount of time delicately adorning my journal with extras, when the information is what matters to me more. I wish I could watercolour my life, but I simply don’t have the talent or patience. But there are always alternatives – with thanks to my new sticky notes. My sticky sticky notes.)

Until the next blog!




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