It’s been a while…

Hello my lovelies.

More time has passed since my last blog post than I would have liked, especially as the WordPress format has now changed. Nonetheless I return to you, post in hand – with a cheeky lack of structure! Today’s effort is in ‘Favourites’ style, just a few tidbits that have satiated my interest in the thusly-Month of May.

  1. Tattoo research.



Crucially, I do not have a tattoo, but I absolutely ADORE researching the multiverse of thoughtful art that can be practically sewn into skin. I’m itching to get my first one, and I have a few ideas in mind. None of which seem remotely as delicate and glorious as my research specifies, but I think I need to stop applying nervous pressure to a situation that is at its centre, light-hearted. I love a thing, I am going to express my love for a thing in this manner of permanence. It’s the daunting concept of commitment that I often let push me away from things that I want to do, but I feel at the moment that I may just go for it. I lean towards 1920s art-deco borders and silent film nods, as well as the odd literary quote or nod. Stay tuned!

2. Sukin Skincare


Every morn and eve, I have assumed the practice of religiously taking care of my skin. By religiously I don’t mean flagellating with a miniature cat o’ nine tails. Aside from moisturising and SPF-ing the dickens out of my parched legs, arms and chest, I have discovered a range of facial skincare that actually caters to my self-appointed needs. Sukin, an Australian brand, is fundamentally: as natural as possible, non-irritating to my extremely sensitive skin, plentiful with moisture, without a strong fragrance, widely stocked in places like Boots, cruelty-free, reasonably priced, with a decent environmental stance. I am definitely a fan, and this mini routine begins and ends my day with a sense of self-care. It’s generally a combination of this, and Superfacialist products.

3. Samurai Gourmet


This show has become my favourite way to spend 20 minutes while I’m waiting for lunch to cook. Based on manga, it is perhaps the cutest thing that has ever existed, and you’ll find the mini-series on Netflix. A 60 year-old retired man (who is frickin ADORABLE I tell you) feels as though he has lost his routine and purpose in life, and begins adventures of discovering delicious local cuisine. Plagued by anxiety and introverted fretting, his spirit guide manifests in the form of a masterless Samurai who shows him how to take control of these situations and enjoy his life. It’s simple, and immensely cute, and it has a wonderful perspective on ageing – you are never beyond the point of discovering new pleasures, and re-living old ones. The sheer look of concentrated joy on Takeshi’s face as he sips on an ice-cold beer is just an absolute treat. Savouring every aspect of taste and environment, he develops such a strong emotional connection to food that helps him to overcome his social anxiety. Isn’t that bloody marvellous? It also helps you to develop a basis of simple Japanese café-lingo, and let’s face it, ordering food is pretty damn important. And the food in this show is just, absolutely incredible, and borderline erotic. Oishii!


Thanks for sticking with me on this rambly venture. Until next time!




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