Letters to: Our New Home

Recently we moved house, and it is by far the cutest little situation we’ve been in. Here are some letters I have written to various objects now that the ‘settling in’ period has passed, and we are in full-swing dwelling mode. The dullities of your every day life sometimes need appreciation too.

Dear Kitchen Windowsill,

You are the shape of an arrowhead and harbour the rusty brass solar system (and a bunch of daffodils) with such class. I want to cool pies on you in the summer, would that be okay?


Dear Yellow Paint Splashes on the Blinds Upstairs,

Thank you for making me feel less mortified about dying a small portion of the bathroom floor red after dying my hair. But I will honestly try to treat you less like a paint palette in the future.

Dear Purple Flowers That Have Popped Up Rather Suddenly in Our Mini-Garden

Hello!!! You are the loveliest things to step outside to on the morning. The rate of your growth is miraculous, keep on bloomin’.

Dear “New Home” Cards on the Fireplace

Can we leave you up forever? You make me so happy. Yep, okay!

Dear Washing Machine

I still cannot believe that you can be programmed to come on just before I wake up, and in a mere 30 minute wash you can blitz away all manner of food encrustment on our clothing! You BABE.

Dear Lock on the Bathroom Door

You don’t work very well, but that’s okay. We all have our shortcomings, and sometimes the one purpose we assign to ourselves is the one that we struggle with the most.

Dear Combi Boiler

I think we may have finally figured you out, and after the initial week or so without hot water, I want to give you a hug every time I see your little flame ignite.

Dear Back Garden

You exist!! Our very first garden! I have such plans, SUCH PLANS, including acquiring deck chairs and sitting in you with a cider and a book on fresh spring days, or doing gentle yoga with candles in summer evenings. Nice to meet you!

(and finally)

Dear Congregation of Cats That Live In Our Cul-de-Sac

You like to sit on our drive as we come home from work, and stare at us with the unnervingly placid air of a mafia boss about to dispense severe judgement. One of these days I half-expect to see one of you slowly pull a gun out on us. How can we earn your respect? Let us know.






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