Plan With Me! March 2017

Hello my lovelies!

With a tad more promptness than previous Plan With Me’s, welcome to my March effort. Mascot of the month is this scrawled yet dapper March hare, the design of which I nicked from pub signage. There’s clovers and dots and the pens which I should never use as they bleed unceremoniously over the page, but nevertheless, I must keep reminding myself that my journaling is not about the pretty. It’s about the changes it generates in my daily life. Take Exhibit A, February: All of my  monthly goals barring one (apply for two jobs) were achieved, with minimal difficulty. If I hadn’t set them in stone as time-limited tasks then I highly doubt I wouldn’t gotten round to them unguided. They may not have been particularly groundbreaking (Florals? For Spring?) – but I still felt them necessary. I stretched every evening (or morning), I took the time to read more often, I replenished my savings as best as I could, I got my hair cut after nearly two years of scraggly ends, I went back to the gym after a shameful hibernation, and I dedicated each morning or evening to proofreading and studying. The majority of these I believe I can set as attainable habits.

(I have noticed how particularly scruffy this month’s layout is by the way… I shall blame it on the fact that I was watching The Last Leg as I was designing it, and it ended up being a sort of freehand effort as that show is too damn hilarious to divert your eyes for too long.)

Until the next blog





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