Plan With Me! – January 2017

Hello my  lovelies.

Following a month’s hiatus I have returned from the oblivion of Christmas, a fluey new year, and a hasty house move. When I wrote my 2016 review in my bullet journal I treated it like a confession booth, a space to fit in all of my avoidable mistakes and harmful moments that formed the fabric of my past year. That I will not share, but instead I am looking at the present. True, January is nearly spent, but I would still like to share my layout in the hope of emphasising less pressure. Less pressure, is something I would like to treat myself to. I enjoy making my monthly spread neat and pretty, but beyond that I have gone for a much more minimalist look in my dailies and trackers. Taking care of the essentials is a noble task, I don’t wish to dismiss it in favour of flair.

Please excuse the massive wishlist, I was a tad overzealous in my inventory cleanse before the house move and ended up throwing a way more toiletries and clothing than I’d originally hoped. I must aspire to replenish this stock, most likely over the course of an entire year by the looks of things. I can see the billowing sails of The Great Ship Payday on the horizon, and its bounty will be glorious. Buy ALL the black tights!





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