More Family Festivities (Blogmas Day Eleven)

Merry Blogmas Day Eleven!

Today heralded another festive homely day, this time with my boyfriend’s adorable family. Without sounding like a Cliff Richard lyric bank I have to say that we are so utterly blessed to have a wonderful family base on either side of us, I actually cannot believe how much love and support we have from everyone. Candles and dusty heating aside, there ain’t no Christmas warmth like a cosy day with your loved ones. They cooked us a gorgeous meal, we exchanged gifts, watched Short Circuit 2 (MAJOR INPUT), sipped on mulled wine, and nibbled on gingerbread whirls. Afterwards while I watched Strictly, Danny had a nap under all the blankets and it was just too cute. Big shout-out to all of the Tsumtsums that now decorate our tree – thanks Ava!

Until the next day of Blogmas!




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