A Festive Day With The Family (Blogmas Day Ten)

Merry Blogmas Day Ten!

Yesterday we had the cosiest family day at my Dad’s house, as a sort of amalgamation of my sister’s birthday celebrations and a Practice-Christmas-Day (i.e. pulling the BIG TABLE out, the one specifically designed for family celebrations.) It was just so damn nice to spend some quality time with my loved ones, as we all live pretty much separate lives now and live in different homes. It’s just a huge waft of nostalgia pulling you back towards the days when we lived as a unit.

We had a lovely slow-cooked meal prepared by my Dad, a chicken stew with stuffing and dumplings, in giant Yorkshire puddings, followed by crème brulee and slightly later on, mini mince pies in brandy sauce. My first mince pies ever, incidentally! The brandy sauce made me cough, profusely. The halls had well and truly been decked, as there was tinsel and flashing snowflakes everywhere, and candles lit in Yankee Candle burners. The stockings hung up, and many of the tree decorations have been around since my sister and I were very small. It was warm, and we cracked out the wine pretty early on in the day. We had a Christmas cake/Birthday cake for my sister, and my Mam’s adorable pug Charlie was tottering around supervising the whole process with snuffly delight. I’m so grateful we can still have days like this, even though my parents are separated – thankfully they’re still good friends.


Until the next day of Blogmas!




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