Plan With Me – December (Blogmas Day Six)

Merry Blogmas Day Six!

Being a scheduling failure and general numpty, I pushed my “Plan With Me” post to the back of my Blogmas notes and therefore have just gotten round to setting it all up. FESTIVE FAILURE. However, I cracked on with a hoard of Christmas songs and a can of Coke and finally drafted out my monthly spread, ready for its Tetris-style plethora of tasks. In the words of the Tesco Christmas advert, BRING IT ON.



Et voila! My festive spread. I originally wanted to go for a Germanic theme, hence the dodgily-copied font for ‘December’, then I decided I wanted the Snowdog to be my little spirit animal and guide for the season, and chucked some other random things in there as well. So it’s a hodgepodge of design, and I am most certainly not an artist, but I actually quite like it. I also cut my tracker down to about half its previous size, as these are the things I actually want to keep track of, and can be bothered, and want to improve as the month goes on. It’s just a bit more practical than my past sketches. So hello December, sorry I’m late but let’s make it a grand one!

Until the next day of Blogmas!




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