The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything directed by James Marsh



A very brief first review, as I feel there is very little I can say to convey how much this film moved me, and how much I would recommend it to any human being on this earth. There is no way to convey just how heartbreakingly honest this film feels, how committed Eddie Redmayne is to the role and how amazed I felt that Mr Hawking had no qualms in sharing some of the most intimate details of his life with the world. Yet the overwhelming mood seemed not to be of despair of the most devastating of obstacles, but charmed, inspired, impassioned. What was pressed upon the family has never faltered his adoration for the mechanics of the universe. What I will leave you with is a quote that conveys as such, as the Hawkings watch their children play at the Queen’s palace.

“Look what we made.”

Rosie’s Review: 9.5 popcorn kernels of 10. About to order A Brief History of Time.


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