The “Hello there!” Post

Hello there!

This is my little space that I would like to share. I’ve set myself some challenges for this year and hope Flagons of Ink will be the “You Snap the Whip” form of discipline that will keep me motivated to reach completion. Anticipate mainly: Chaotic spillages of the nonsense that circulates in my head, prolific fangirling over films/books I consume over the year, the odd photograph & lustful plans for slow cooker feasts. It has been several years since I left university, and here I have re-assumed The Writing Position. Cross-legged on my bedroom floor, sitting atop my most large and most purple Ravens hoody, mug of tea precariously set near my laptop, guarded by a fortress of books, as I slowly curve my spine into oblivion.

Accio Inspiration!

Rosie x


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