Birdman directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu



Let’s be honest, we are all suckers for unsettlingly abstract black comedies. So let’s make this review as unsettling and abstract as this awesome film. (Note that the comedy is omitted, I have no talents in that arena. Or anywhere. Back to page.)

An abstract medley of all the things I loved about this film:

(Note that I do not ‘love’ everything, I do have the odd opinion every now & then. But right now, I am givin’ a little love to Birdman ’cause it deserves all of the love.)

The cast. Edward Norton’s bum. Which should be credited as part of the cast in my opinion. Oh and Edward Norton too, favourite character by a long chalk. What a dick – you can take this figuratively or literally. Emma Stone’s cripplingly harsh speech to her father about his self-worth. All of the Stoney goosebumps. Andrea Riseborough being an utter goddess as always. No spoilers for the final two scenes but THE FINAL TWO SCENES. Amy Ryan stealing the stage with her mere silence, as Riggan’s ex-wife and mother of Sam. The film was mostly shot on location in New York City (All of the love for Sam’s rooftop mullings with The Phantom of the Opera theatre in the background.) The GENIUS of presenting the film as one continuous take. You feel as though you are a ghost, haunting the corridors of Broadway. There is one particular moment in which the action is taking place downstairs, on-stage, but we, as the audience, are looking at an empty corridor for around 15 seconds, before the action returns to us. I love that the director was not afraid to do that. The score, the drums, the ticking clock, the heartbeat. You know it’s a comedy, you know it’s a satirical view of theatre, you know there are parallels in Keaton’s career, but you cannot help but get swept along with the drama of it all, knowing something devastating is about to happen. All peppered with the surrealism of ‘Birdman’ darkly narrating Riggan’s life, his pent-up anger and need to direct manifesting itself in telekinetic bursts of violence…

Please go and see it. It’s bloody wonderful. I am most definitely going to see it again.

Rosie’s Review: 8.9 popcorn kernels of 10.

One last note: I am writing this as I listen to the closing notes of the soundtrack for Avengers: Assemble, which has a tendency to EPICIFY anything I do or say. Be proud of me in that I have now read back through my words and deleted several exclamation marks. It’s like taking a treat away from an excited dog in the bleak hope of staving off future obesity.


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